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We found a lovely Au Pair girl from your site we will be back again, Thank you!
Hayley, Australia

Kristina, Female Indonesian Au Pair From Indonesia

Kristina Au Pair Profile


Me n agastya

Me n deborah

Me n tabitha

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Date Registered: 04 Dec 2013 Last Modified: 04 Dec 2013 Last Signed In: 11 Jan 2018
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Brief Summary Of The Au Pair

I'am a 34 year old Female Indonesian Au Pair from Manggadua in Indonesia, I would like to work as an Au Pair in Any Country, Australia, East Timor, Finland, Hong Kong, Netherlands for 12 - 6 months, and I would be willing to look after children between the ages of 1 and 16 years old. I have a passport from Indonesia and a Visa for Indonesia

Contact Information For This Au Pair

Name: Kristina
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Manggadua
Region: Jakarta Raya
Country: Indonesia

Au Pair Information And Family Preferences

Nationality: Indonesian
Age: 34
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: No
Had Au Pair Experience Before:: 5 Years Experience
Have Got A Driving License: Yes
Years Of Education: 12 Years
My Height Is: 150 cm
My Weight Is: 110 Lbs
My Health Is: Good
I am Married: No
I am An Au Pair Couple: No
I Have A Passport From: Indonesia
I Have A Visa For: Indonesia
Speak Fluently: English
Can Speak A Little: Chinese
Seeking A Family In: Any Country, Australia, East Timor, Finland, Hong Kong, Netherlands
Au Pair Is Open To Other Locations But Prefers: Finland - Etela Suomen Laani - Auttoinen
Family Nationality: Finnish
Would Like To Work In: Big City, Small Town, Countryside
Earliest Date To Start: 10 February 2014
Latest Date To Start: 10 May 2014
Can Work For A Period Of: 12 - 6 Months
Children Ages: 1 - 16 Years Old
Would Accept Single Parent: Yes
Mind If Family Is Smoking: No
Can Look After Disabled Children: Yes
Will Do Housework: Yes
Can Look After Children With Special Needs: Yes
Can Look After Elderley People: Yes

The Reasons I Want To Be An Au Pair:

I would like to work as aupair because i know trough this program i can learn many positives thing from the country i choose. For example language, culture also perception, which is make me richer in knowledge.

My Interests:

I am so easy going, fast learning and happy to help other people. I really like travelling, because i can learn many things from travel. For me, learn not only in school but also from nature and people around me.

Family Letter:

Dear Hostfam , My name is Kristina & 28 years old. I was born and raised in Jakarta Indonesia.I’m the second of four brother and sister, my older brother worked in Jakarta and 2 sisters live in Taiwan with my mama. My parents divorced when I was very young. I lived with my mother & shortly after that my mom went to Taiwan for work. I left the orphanage. Life in the orphanage was not bad for me ,it is the most beautiful times in my life where I learned many things that finally made me able to survive to this day.There I was taught to be an independent person and care about others .I started learning to help the sisters in an orphanage from their wake up early to go to school ,prepare uniforms for them , help them do homework also play with them . I left the orphanage when I entered high school and live with my uncle not to far near Jakarta. While waiting for the results of graduation i started working part-time at a course for the kids.I worked for 6 hours a day to help elementary school children do their homework and prepare them for exams. After getting the results of graduation, i decided to go back to Jakarta alone to work and live independently. I work more than 6 years as an administrative trading purchase. I am also teacher in Sunday school. I enjoy my activities every Sunday morning with the kids.Singing, storytelling, coloring and prayed with them taught me to be more patient person. At my off time I love travelling & beach so much. Sometimes I also like to listen to music, watch television and read books. Sometimes I hang out with my friends in café or restaurant to share information about our life. When I read about the au pair program to Finland I am very interested.I want to learn Finnish culture & - language. I wish I could be an au pair of your family & I will take care of your children with my heart. Through as aupair, I'm sure I can learn to be a better person. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Along with this I attach the photos with the kids I teach in Sunday school. Regard Kristina

American Au Pair

I found a really nice family to work with! I am now having an awesome time with them!!
Kimberley, United Kingdom