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I have found the Au Pair I was looking for through your website!
Ginette & Niels, Denmark

Au Pair / Nanny Job In Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Goodsell Family Profile



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Date Registered: 23 Feb 2015 Last Modified: 23 Feb 2015 Last Signed In: 19 Jan 2018
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Brief Summary Of Family

Au pair/Nanny Job for a British family living in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom we currently have 2 children aged between 2 and 4 years old.  We are looking for an Au Pair from Any Country that can speak fluent English and is willing to stay with us for a minimum of 9 month(s).

Contact Information For This Family

Name: Goodsell Family
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Milton Keynes
Region: England
Country: United Kingdom

Family Information And Preferences

Nationality: British
Live In: Big City
Number Of Children: 2
Children Ages: 2 - 4 Years Old
Single Parent: No
We Are Non-smoking: Yes
Disabled Children: No
We Have Had An Au Pair Before: Yes
Required To Look After Disabled Children: No
Au Pair Required To Have A Driving License: No
Will Accept An Au Pair Couple: No
The Au Pair Will Get Use Of A Car: No
Seeking Au Pair From: Any Country
Au Pair Nationality: Any Nationality
Au Pair Must Speak: English
Au Pair Will Need To Speak A Little: English
Au Pairs Gender: Female
Earliest Date To Start: 25 February 2015
Latest Date To Start: 14 March 2015
Be Required To Work For: 9 - 24 Months
Au Pair Will Be Paid A Weekly Salary Of: 85 British Pounds
Hours Per Week: 30-35 Hours
Au Pairs Age: 21 - 35 Years
Au Pair Must Be Non-smoker: No
Au Pair Will Be Required To Do House Work: Yes

What We Expect From Our Au Pair:

Looking for someone to join us asap :o My name is Kat and I'm married to Dom. We have 2 beautiful children, a girl aged 22 months and a boy aged 4 years. Both love life and all full happiness and energy! We work full time as a Forensic Psychologist and a Police Officer and sometimes quite long hours so flexibility is what we need! Brae goes to school 3 days a week and nevaeh is starting 1 day a week from April So you'll have free time to to have fun! Driving in the UK is preferable or going to school may not be possible until September. Brae starts school in September fulltime. Both go to gym clubs and love to have fun painting, creating, baking, and learning They love being outdoors at play parks and experiencing new things. Being energetic is a must! We have 2 giant rabbits that live in the garden.

Family Description:

We live in a large 5 bedroom house in Milton Keynes which is about 40 minutes train journey from london. Our au pair will also have a car to use which is about 8 months old. UK licence is preferable. Both kids have their own rooms and our au pair also has their own room with en suite bathroom.

Au Pair Letter:

Hi there We are looking for a lovely au pair to care for the kids Monday to Friday whilst we are at work. To cook for them, take them to school and clubs and to have lots of fun with them. To keep their rooms tidy and to put their vlean clothes away and to just generally tidy after them. Light house work only. In return our au pair will receive £80 - £85 pocket money a week, their own room, a car to drive and free time to explore! Below is a basic idea of what we are looking for! The main priority is the happiness and welfare of the kids – they are truly magical and so much fun :o Monday Afternoon Gym class for Brae at Bletchley Leisure Centre au pair next door goes too Tuesday During Term Time - School for Brae Wednesday During Term Time - School for Brae Thursday During Term Time - School for Brae and after April for Nevaeh as well – drop off at 8.45am and collect at 3.15pm – this is a day mainly for our au pair to relax, go shopping, have fun, meet friends - so please do :o as when it’s holiday time – there’s no school!! going to school is dependent on whether our au pair can drive in the UK Adriana, our lovely cleaner comes in on a Thursday for 5 or 6 hours and does all the bedding, bathrooms, kitchen, woodwork etc. and gives the house a good clean. Friday Arabian Gym class – both of them with their freinds and their au pair Daily bits if not at school not exact timings though! Brae wakes at about 7am Breakfast at about 7.45 to 8am for Brae Nevaeh needs poking at 8 to 8.15 to wake up as she will sleep and sleep if she has the chance and then is awake at night which is not good! and then she has breakfast of cereal Honey loops or crunchy nut cornflakes with milk – she will often finish what Brae doesn’t eat too ! Dom and I leave for work at 5.45 most mornings and get home around 6pm. Morning routine when not at school 8.30 to 9.15 getting dressed and teeth brushing time 45 to 60 mins a day of Reading book / number work / writing the alphabet and his name and letter sounds and blends – the phonics books on shelf are fab for reading brae mainly but squidge is liking books too / educational puzzles alphabet sounds we are focusing on. He has got a LeapPad and Leap Tag too which are fun learning games for after school practice. Lunch is usually around 12 to 12.30 ish Ham sandwiches, beans on toast, ham and cheese toasties, dippy eggs, plus cheese strips, crisps, grapes, apple or banana for brae are favourites. Ham sandwiches, or buttered bread mood dependent!, cheese toasties, dippy eggs, plus cheese strips, crisps and banana for Nevaeh are favourites. Afternoon Structured play / free play - Train sets, duplo, lego, and garages are firm favourites Creative Arts and Crafts – they love this…. A lot!!! Painting colouring, glitter, hand drawing, feet drawing – pretty much all things messy :o In the spring / summer – they loves being outside – lots! But they have warm clothes so love going out to parks and forests too now. Additional bits they love! Baking cakes and cookies Water play – sinking / floating toys and getting it everywhere! The park is great nearby Willen Lake is great for braes scooter / bike and feeding the ducks when you’re driving! Play 360 is a good indoor play park too when it’s cold, wet and miserable and they need to let off steam! They snack in between on a biscuit or 2 in the morning around 10.45 – 11am and a snack a jack or more fruit, or pieces of cheese and 2 yogurts each in the afternoon around 2.30 – 2.45pm Cuddles – they are both so cuddly and sometimes after school, or if its miserable and wet outside we just put a movie on and cuddle up on the sofa together :o They play lots with next doors kids too who are roughly the same age and with their au pair. There are lots of groups and clubs around the area that they are used to going to. Dinner Dinner is usually around 4.45pm to 5pm - Brae is often really hungry after school :o They love any the following for dinner…. Sausages, roast chicken, chicken dippers, fish cakes, fish fingers Peas, sweetcorn, baby corn broccoli, carrots, potatoes mashed trying leeks, swede and cauliflower at the moment, eggs, chips, tortellini pasta and braes favourite is baked beans! Brae also loves cottage pie, meat pies Navaeh loves cheesy toast Bath time and bed time Bath time is around 5.45pm on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Sunday mornings with me and Dom for about 15 minutes with hair wash always interesting with squidgy lol and constant observation as they are in together and she’s a fidget!! and then straight into pyjamas. Squidge has baby lotion put all over her as she is sensitive and has sore patches if we don’t and Brae has it on his legs - and during the day Nevaeh has lots of manuka honey cream put on her arms and wrists as she gets eczema. We should be home by now around 6pm ish but if we get stuck in London…. Brae loves to play Lego Heroes for 45 minutes on non-bath nights after dinner– hope you like X Box lol and then In the Night Garden goes on at 6.15pm, on CBeebies. Brae might play on his Leap pad too… Bedtime is anywhere between 7.15pm and 7.30pm – Miss Grouch Nevaeh gets tired often shines through around now bless her! ……………………………………………………………………………….. We always aim to be home by 6.10pm as spending that time with the kids before bed is so important. We both have very demanding jobs and sometimes things do delay us so we need to flexible au pair when it comes to childcare just in case! We ask that our au pair puts their clean clothes away and keeps their toys tidy in their bedrooms and downstairs and just a quick run round with the vacuum after dinner each day. We do all their clothes washing and our cleaner does their beds and cleans the house. Our au pair is welcome to eat with the children at 5 ish or I could dinner each night around 8pm so can wait for Dom and I. Milton Keynes has a great social life and lots of au pairs locally. Our au pairs in the past have often gone out in the evenings ice skating, to the cinema or for dinner to meet friends which is no problem at all. London is approximately 45 minutes away by train and our au pair is more than welcome to go away for weekends or go out at weekends – this is time off for our au pair to explore if they wish! We do ask for occasional babysitting – maybe one night a week and a Friday or Saturday night every so often. Primarily we want someone fun loving and dedicated to the children who loves being around children and makes their lives fun and happy. Our kids are our world and we work hard to provide for them so need someone who gives them love care support and fun throughout the working week! If our au pairs have ever wanted an extra day during the week, for instance to travel on a Monday or a Friday, with notice this is no problem for us to arrange.

American Au Pair

I have succeeded in finding a fantastic family. Thank you for opening all kinds of doors for me.
Jessica, Australia